Hi there! Nice to meet you.

More on me –

I am junior at Arizona State University studying public relations. I’m 20 and have lived in New York all of my life; until college of course. I created HoneyBean in the Fall of 2017 and have since used it as a platform for expression + content of all kinds.

Some of my likes:

  1. Tulips, they’re my favorite flower.
  2. Pepsi, I’m an avid Pepsi drinker.
  3. Listening to songs on repeat, & never getting tired of them.
  4. Tons of rings, my hands feel nakey without them!
  5. Binge-watching Netflix series; currently rewatching Desperate Housewives!
  6. Eating junk food.
  7. Traveling the world!!!

Some of my dislikes:

  1. Scary movies – though I’ve been expanding my horizons on this one…
  2. Waking up early – not a morning person!
  3. Parking super far from where we’re going; I’m a lazy gal.
  4. Leaving the house without my rings.
  5. Sleeping alone 😦
  6. Snakes, spiders, bugs.
  7. Marinara sauce.. don’t hate!
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