2020 Resolutions

Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year! I can’t believe we’re already a week into a new decade but I am ready to dive in. I have big plans for 2020, and for my first post of the new year I figured I would share some of those with you along with my resolutions.
Every year I tell myself to be realistic and practical when listing my goals, and every year I think I do just that… This year I’ve decided to list any and everything I want to accomplish, big or small as realistic or overzealous because, why the heck not.

1. Establish an appropriate sleep schedule.

This semester I am enrolled in a full 18 credit course schedule, a 9-5 academic professional program twice a week, a content curator internship twice a week, and a social media & pr internship twice a week! Personally I am not used to working 9-5 Monday-Friday every week so establishing a sleeping schedule will be crucial for my success and health.

2. Read more.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a reader – which is bizarre because I love to write! A goal of mine this year is to spend less time on my phone and devices before bed and read some mighty-fine literature. Recommendations are greatly appreciated.

3. Grow out my hair. 

This is one I’m on the fence about actually. I currently love the style and cut of my hair, however, I always find that when I have short hair I’m wishing hair down to my butt. To help with this goal, I am trying to take biotin and vitamins, which leads me to my next –

4. Take vitamins regularly.

When I’m in New York my grandmother insists I take my “women’s one-a-day” multi-vitamins everyday and that’s great! But once I’m back in Arizona, that regiment disappears. I want to change that up and take my vitamins + biotin regularly going into 2020.

5. Always have my nails done. 

Having my nails done just gives me such confidence and when I don’t have them I kick myself for not going to get them done. In 2020, hopefully you’ll never catch me without my claws.

6. Decorate my apartment with the seasons.

I LOVE some good seasonal decor and I find myself buying loads of it throughout the year but never actually getting around to decorating! This is something I am really going to get into this year, especially since I just resigned my lease and won’t need to pack up and move once this year is over!

7. Get all A’s this semester. 

**DISCLAIMER** This is not a promise, Dad. This is a personal goal and while I sincerely hope it is one I accomplish, I also recognize the work I have cut-out for myself this semester. Essentially, I hope to end the Spring semester feeling confident about my academics.

8. Maintain a clean room. 

Yowza, this one has always been a challenge for me. It’s gross, I know. A step toward this goal is to make my bed every morning. You know, the bed I’ll be leaving at 8:30am every morning 😦

9. Have more smoothies.

I have just recently discovered that I love a good strawberry banana and spinach smoothie! So moving forward in 2020 I hope to have lots more of em.

10. Save money.

Every year this is a goal, for idk like… everyone? But I promise I am really trying this year to put away some of the moola and spend less on dining out. lol, we’ll see.

11. Drink more water, and less soda. 

Holy sh*t that one was hard to say. My heart pumps pepsi, not blood – so this one is going to be extremely difficult for me. I’m not going to stop altogether that’s just criminal but I’m hoping to limit my pepsi intake to only dinners out. And I want to drink at least 2 bottles of water each day, lol.

12. Take up a new hobby. 

I used to knit with my grandmother and that was a tiiiime. So this year I’m thinking of taking up sewing or embroidery or learning to make those huge knotted blankets. I think this would be another great thing to do before bed (in my new sleep schedule).

13. Travel on a whim. 

My family likes to travel to the greatest places and usually without much planning – and I love that! In 2020, I want to travel by myself, with friends or family on little weekenders, day trips, etc. and plan absolutely none of it.

14. Adapt my style. 

Recently, I noticed that I have 3018249303 shirts but can never put together an outfit that I actually appreciate. I think this is because I purchase clothes that are specific to moments or events when really I want to focus more on neutrals and what can be mixed and matched more. Going into 2020 I want to only purchase pieces that are adaptable and make pairing outfits E-A-S-Y.

15. Make gratitude apart of my daily routine. 

I think that we all have so many people, things, aspects to be grateful for and so often we overlook and don’t acknowledge them properly. I want to write down at least 3 things (small or large) that I am grateful for each day and save them up to re-appreciate at the end of this year. No repeats!

16. Write more. 

I definitely want to be writing + blogging more. My blog truly is an extension of myself and I value this platform so much and it’s crazy that I neglect it so frequently. I have tons of ideas and I just let myself pass them up. 2020 is the year that everything changes. You can expect more blogs, some videos, and maybe even a podcast.

17. Take more videos and pictures of my freaking cats. 

They are just so damn cute and I need more evidence.

18. Reach out more. 

I think about like 2837 different people throughout my day. Even if it’s a 30 second thought about something you said or a memory we had, etc. I want to reach out more. Let people know I thought about em.

19. Increase physical exercise. 

NOTICE! I didn’t just say “go to the gym more” – because that would require me having gone to the gym ever. I want to increase my exercise in anyway possible so whether that does in fact mean go to the gym or it means yoga, orange theory, using an app in my room, etc. I plan to make some improvements in this area, ok?

20. Pay it forward. 

Enough said.

21. Call my sister.

Ok well really I’d have to call my dad or my step-mom because she’s four and society hasn’t given phones to four year olds quite yet. But either way, I want to call her more because she is the best little human and she makes me smile.

22. Stay organized. 

I just invested in an Erin Condren planner – if you don’t know what that is please check it out because I feel like a true ~adult~ and it’s great. I’ve been obsessed with using my computer calendar to schedule things and stay on track as well and I just love the feeling of being on top of my sh*t, you know? P.S if you’re interested in an EC planner use my little referral code for $10 off your first purchase xoxo!

23. Take off my makeup before bed. 

It’s so nasty when I think about it but the problem is my bed is just so comfortable, guys. Like once I’m in – game over. So the plan is to start taking it off as soon as I’m home and know that I’m in for the night. Fingers crossed!

24. Study abroad.

I have just officially started looking into abroad programs and options for this summer and I sincerely want to do it. I’ve decided that even if I don’t go abroad with an academic program, I want to travel and live abroad for at least a month or so this year and study, work and explore. I’ll keep you updated on this one.

25. Say “yes” more. 

I am the type of person who loves adventure and spontaneous plans but I am also suuuuch a homebody and I love to stay home and watch my shows (hopefully read my new books) and have me-time. This year I want to focus on saying “yes” to more opportunities, big and small and to making the most of my last few years in college!
As a lasting note to this post, I read a quote the other day that truly inspired me – it read: ” Be intentional with who & what you carry into 2020″. I think this is so ~important~ to think about moving into this new decade. I.D.K, just some food for thought.
Thank you so so much for reading my very first post of the decade! I cannot wait to see what 2020 brings and I look forward to the growth, success and power to come. Talk soon.


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