How To: Survive the Heat

I’m talkin’ dry and humid…!

Living in Arizona I get asked regularly how I’m “surviving” the heat this summer. So today, this New York (humid heat) bred gal is going to be giving you tips on surviving both humid and dry heat.

It’s no secret that we can attribute the astronomical temperatures and wanky weather conditions to global warming. We’ve dug ourselves a pretty big carbon hole and people don’t seem to be quite as concerned as they should be. At the bottom of this post I’ll leave some informational resources on how you personally can help to change that.

Here is my list of 6 ways to “survive” the heat – wherever you may be:

  1. Purchase a reusable water bottle & DRINK LOTS OF WATER!
  • Yes, this one is an obvious one and I bet you knew it’d be the first on the list! But that’s because it truly is the most important. Hydration is key in surviving the heat.

Some of my favorite reusable bottle brands are linked below –



Klean Kanteen

2. Purchase or DIY a car shade!

  • Leave this baby in the trunk or folded up in the back and you’re good to go. Car’s can get reach extreme temperatures in the summer and you might as well combat the issue with some shade!

I’m linking cheap shades, a DIY version AND window shades for the kiddies in the back –

$14 Sun Shade

DIY Sun Shade

Window Shades

3. Invest in sun protection – hats, sunglasses and SUNSCREEN!

  • We are surviving not just keeping cool folks. I’m sure you do tan! But your scalp can’t afford to be raw and your skin doesn’t want sun poisoning!!! Skin cancer, sun spots, and some lovely wrinkles are all things that should stray your rebellions against hats and sunscreen.

I’m not gonna link any of these – you can find your own hats and SPF!

4. Make yourself healthy and refreshing snacks!

  • Cut up some watermelon, DIY healthy icepops, or even make your iced coffee into ice! Maybe you won’t feel the heat so much when you’re not eating burgers and dogs.

Here are a few really yummy lookin’ DIY snacks (including those I mentioned above) –

Easy Homemade Popsicles

Pink Frozen Lemonade Margarita Pops

Iced Coffee Ice Cubes

5. Cool yourself in style!

  • These items will help you to stay comfortable and cool in any kind of heat.

Iphone Fan  – plugs into your phone and keeps you cool on the go – and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

Milk Cooling Stick – skincare product that refreshes and cools your skin

Rose Water Facial Spray  – skincare product that refreshes and cools your skin

Cooling Towel – rock this around your neck

6. Take advantage of indoor activities!

  • You should be enjoying the outdoors and getting in touch with nature – sure! But on those days when it might just be a little too hot for swimming or hiking, these places have you covered.

Here’s a list of unique and fun indoor summer activities –

TopGolf – somewhat indoor golfing

A good old fashioned arcade, bowling or movie night

Duff’s Cake Mix (and other places) – purchase and decorate your own cake

Sur La Table Cooking Classes (again, and other places)

Head to a local museum

Apple Sessions – free photography, videography, art and drawing classes

Pottery and painting classes, Wine and Design Events

Check FB’s “Events Near Me” page to see what’s happening locally


Well, that’s about all I’ve got up my sleeve for surviving the heat. I hope at least one of these tips were new and interesting to you! If you have more of your own tips feel free to comment them below! Thanks for reading 🙂 ❤digital-signature-1-1.jpg

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